Our Mission

Gains’ mission is to get users to reach their full fitness potential. 


Great things can happen when the user and a qualified trainer get to work to start achieving their everyday fitness goals.


Our qualified trainers will help the user reach their own personal mountaintop. Whether it’s lifting more weights, running faster, making the buzzer beater shot, our goal is to enhance and ignite a greater strength within you. Surf the bigger wave. Hit a home-run. Pop your first ollie. Break 90 on the golf course. There is nothing out of the realm of possibility with the help of Gains.


With Gains, we promise countless unforgettable memories and achievements between you and your trainer. Results occur with human interaction and teamwork. 


Our mission at Gains is to take the fear and intimidation out of fitness. Build your confidence and experience the alchemy of working alongside a trainer to accomplish your fitness dreams, at your own pace... on your own terms. 



MAX Schermerhorn

Created in 2021, Gains is an app by 16-year-old entrepreneur, Max Schermerhorn. Max had his life completely transformed through physical fitness. Before that, Max was a skinny and socially awkward teenager. After being introduced to Spartan and running his first race, he was immediately hooked. 


Cut to present day, Max is 50 pounds heavier and 6 percent body fat with a whole new positive mindset. Max created Gains as a way to inspire and change people’s lives through beauty and power of physical fitness and sports.